Mic Drop: Island Storytelling Series--Tell Us Your Story!

Island residents, storytellers, comics, and musicians telling 15 minute tales about island life. 

What: Mic Drop

When: Friday evenings, 7pm-9pm November 16th and 30th. December 14th and Special Holiday show December 28th. 

Where: Vashon Brewing Community Pub. Vashon Island, WA.

Beginning in late Fall, we will be presenting our semimonthly "Mic Drop" series.  Each night we will feature a group of Vashon Island residents telling their own short stories. A mix of professionals, comics, and first time story tellers will be itching to tell you their tales.  Some may be funny, others thought provoking or heart breaking, but all will be certain to entertain you while you sip on your favorite Vashon brews or wines and nibble on our delicious pub bites. 

Local performers ready to tell their stories already include Tami Brockway Joyce, Chuck Roehm, Richard Franklin Moore, Leila Khatapoush, Sarah Howard, Truman O'Brien, Kelvin Goliday and many more. 

Have a story to tell? Want to make us laugh or cry? Have a Vashon tale that no one has ever heard? Contact Chris Boscia with any questions, or email your brief outline of a 15-20 minute story to BosciaEmail@gmail.com and we will contact you about formatting and dates.

New Pub Hours!

Beginning Nov 11th, we will be open 7 days a week! Weekdays (Mon thru Fri) we will be open from 4pm until 9pm, and weekends will not change: Noon to 9pm. Take a look at our Event Calendar page to see what we have going on!

Community Pub Coming Soon!!

Ever since we started the brewery, the question has been when are we going to open a tasting room? WE ARE FINALLY DOING IT!

Instead of a tasting room, we are calling it a Community Pub. Why? We want this to be a space for the whole community, whether you like craft beer or not.

It's all about building community as many ways we can:

  • We'll be serving only Vashon produced beverages (Beer, kombucha, wine, hard cider & perry). 
  • Partnering with a local restaurant and using island grown & produced ingredients where possible. 
  • Brewing our beer with island grown barley custom malted for us in Eastern WA.
  • Creating a public space open to groups to meet and hang out, including families with kids!   


The pub will be located across from the Vashon Public Library at Vashon Village (17205 Vashon Hwy SW). Indoor and outdoor seating will be available. There is a parking lot to park in, as well as additional street parking. ADA accessible.  


We hope to open Spring of 2018. Be sure to sign up for the latest news in the Community Pub tab to find out the exact Grand Opening date, and follow us on Instagram @vashonbrewing for other updates!

Below are some links to articles written about the opening:

Beachcomber: Island brewer plans to open tasting room, pub this Spring

Washington Beer Blog: Plans for Taproom on the Island

Vashon Brewing Preview Party at Lodges on Vashon!

It's official--Vashon Brewing is set to open our version of a tasting room next Spring 2018!! It will be a lot more than just a tasting room. We are calling it the Vashon Brewing Community Pub. A place to foster community and celebrate the many local beverages and tasty food sourced from the island. To celebrate, we are hosting a preview party at the Lodges on Vashon. We'll be introducing many of the local artisans helping us to make this a reality, serving lots of great beverages, and serving a 6 course meal to give you a fun preview of what's to come. Join us!.


Vashon Barley Update

We've been working with a local farmer to grown malting barley for a couple of years. Today, we started harvesting the first crop! It's a noisy, dusty, smelly job, but we harvested our first ton of grain today, with much more to harvest tomorrow and the next day. After that, it gets shipped to LINC Foods in Southeastern Washington for malting, and will eventually wind up in our beer.


New Bottling System!

We have switched to a new bottling system! We pre-fill the bottles with CO2 and they fill under pressure to ensure your beer stays fresh and carbonated longer. We are using PET plastic growlers that are food safe, reusable, and, unlike glass, shatterproof, highly recyclable, and able to store carbonated beverages without leaking beer or losing pressure. 

 A few of our employees expressed some concern about using plastic. Cliff (the brewmaster) never does anything without thoroughly researching it first--he discovered that the recycling systems in place for glass are expensive and inefficient--resulting in the majority of glass ending up in the landfill anyways! If your worry is about plastic also ending up in the landfill, we share that worry, however, if you continue to recycle (or the best option--simply REUSE!), this material is much more likely to actually be recycled. Another advantage is that it will not break, and it holds the carbonation much better! That is a little more background for why we have made this change. 

Happy Solstice Night!

The inspiration for our Solstice Stout is the several miles of very dark roads lit by luminaries on Vashon Island each Winter Solstice night. Thousands of luminary candles in paper bags magically appear on Vashon, lighting the way of many people driving with only their parking lights or no lights at all. It's an amazing sight, helping us to celebrate the winter, and remind us that longer days are ahead.

 Solstice Ride, Paradise Valley on Vashon Island

Solstice Ride, Paradise Valley on Vashon Island

Draft Beer at Home

A neighbor of mine has a kegerator draft beer setup for corny kegs, and has been wanting an easy way to serve our beer at home. It took a little research, but we can now offer an easy and affordable way to serve our craft beer at home, even if your kegerator is setup for corny kegs.

Step one is to purchase a 1/6 barrel of our craft beer. Our beer is sold in recyclable PET plastic kegs, so no keg deposits, and no need to return the kegs - just recycle them like you would a pop bottle. The kegs are almost exactly the same size as corny kegs, and shipped to your door via UPS. Check out our available brews on our Shop tab above!

Step two is purchase the hardware to connect our Sanke kegs to the ball lock fittings used to connect to corny kegs. We sell a kit that includes the Sanke keg coupler plus two Sanke to ball lock adapters (gas in, beer out). The Sanke coupler screws onto our kegs, and the ball lock adapters screw onto the keg coupler and provide the same ball lock posts that are on your corny kegs.

Best of all, this setup doesn't require you to change the fittings in your kegerator or choose between hooking up commercial kegs or corny kegs. You can switch between them whenever you like.

Our kegs, keg coupler and adapters require a minimum height of 28 inches inside your kegerator. 

Real Ale in New Zealand

When you think of English ales, words that often come to mind are warm and flat. Turns out that neither is true.

 Does this look flat to you?

Does this look flat to you?

My favorite pint of ale in New Zealand was an cask conditioned ESB from Townshend Brewery, on tap at the Free House. I saw a pint on it's way to a nearby table, and was amazed by the thick rich head and the way the carbonation gradually settled up towards the top leaving a crystal clear brew at the bottom. I immediately asked what it was and ordered one. The Free House reserves a few taps for real ales such as this, and they serve them at cellar temperature (approx 55 deg) using a hand pulled Beer Engine. 

Because real ales are cask conditioned rather than force carbonated, they do have less dissolved CO2, but the beer isn't flat. It holds less CO2 in solution because it isn't served as cold as we are used to in the US, but I found it to be sufficiently carbonated with a thick creamy head that was stunning. At cellar temperature, the flavors of the beer come through more. Not a good thing if you're drinking a mass produced lager, but great if you're drinking a quality craft beer.

It got me thinking about offering an English style ale or two served with a beer engine in my future tasting room.