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Cliff Goodman

Owner & Head Brewmaster

It all started when Cliff left his CFO job, which included a 19 year commute to Seattle, for the life of a brewmaster on his beloved Vashon Island in 2011. Since then, he’s grown his business from a nano-brewery to a boutique microbrewery with sales both on and off island. According to Cliff, making beer is part science nerd, and part artist. Being able to experiment and create these exciting new recipes is an extremely rewarding and creative experience. It also doesn’t hurt that people really appreciate his skills and talents as a brewer…which wasn’t always his experience as an accountant.

Baynody Mendez Jimenez

Assistant Brewmaster

 Baynody hails from the Dominican Republic and his fresh perspective on life and beer are a great asset to the Vashon Brewing crew. He is involved in virtually all steps of the brewing process and beyond—making deliveries, finding efficient ways to get the job done, and brainstorming new recipe ideas. He enjoys fishing, cooking delicious food, and spending time with friends and family.

Kali Aguilera

Social Media Manager & Graphic Artist

Kali lends her artistic eye and literary knowledge to managing our social media posts, designing our promos, and improving the website. She looks to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and different elements in our beer recipes for inspiration. She loves being outdoors, eating delicious food, and traveling anywhere in the world, particularly to tropical and sunny places.