Draft Beer at Home

A neighbor of mine has a kegerator draft beer setup for corny kegs, and has been wanting an easy way to serve our beer at home. It took a little research, but we can now offer an easy and affordable way to serve our craft beer at home, even if your kegerator is setup for corny kegs.

Step one is to purchase a 1/6 barrel of our craft beer. Our beer is sold in recyclable PET plastic kegs, so no keg deposits, and no need to return the kegs - just recycle them like you would a pop bottle. The kegs are almost exactly the same size as corny kegs, and shipped to your door via UPS. Check out our available brews on our Shop tab above!

Step two is purchase the hardware to connect our Sanke kegs to the ball lock fittings used to connect to corny kegs. We sell a kit that includes the Sanke keg coupler plus two Sanke to ball lock adapters (gas in, beer out). The Sanke coupler screws onto our kegs, and the ball lock adapters screw onto the keg coupler and provide the same ball lock posts that are on your corny kegs.

Best of all, this setup doesn't require you to change the fittings in your kegerator or choose between hooking up commercial kegs or corny kegs. You can switch between them whenever you like.

Our kegs, keg coupler and adapters require a minimum height of 28 inches inside your kegerator.