New Bottling System!

We have switched to a new bottling system! We pre-fill the bottles with CO2 and they fill under pressure to ensure your beer stays fresh and carbonated longer. We are using PET plastic growlers that are food safe, reusable, and, unlike glass, shatterproof, highly recyclable, and able to store carbonated beverages without leaking beer or losing pressure. 

 A few of our employees expressed some concern about using plastic. Cliff (the brewmaster) never does anything without thoroughly researching it first--he discovered that the recycling systems in place for glass are expensive and inefficient--resulting in the majority of glass ending up in the landfill anyways! If your worry is about plastic also ending up in the landfill, we share that worry, however, if you continue to recycle (or the best option--simply REUSE!), this material is much more likely to actually be recycled. Another advantage is that it will not break, and it holds the carbonation much better! That is a little more background for why we have made this change.